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I have been breeding English Bulldogs for more than 20 years. My love for the breed made me able to persevere and patiently work on a breeding and selection program for the improvement of my bulldogs when it comes to physical structure, temperament and trainability.

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  • Good evening Jennifer, As promised I wanted to send you some updated pic of Bones. He has really made his mark on our family and on our hearts! Please enjoy!  
    Louise Riggi
    Program Supervisor (Community Living Toronto)
  • Hi Jennifer - Just thought I'd send you a few pictures of our baby - we named her Brandy and our St bernard Buster loves her as well. Hope things are well, have a wonderful holiday season. I passed your name on to someone else who is looking for an english bulldog.  
  • We would like to thank-you for all your time and sharing your knowledge with us. I came into the world of pets completely blind of what is required of me as a pet owner. I finally gave in to my daughter and husband thanks to our friends and family. When I called you, I was quickly convinced, I felt so comfortable in purchasing a dog from you. You were able to answer all my questions and then some, not only were you able to answer my questions when I was in the process of purchasing my dog but the time that you have given to me since my puppy came home last October is incredible. Our family dog, Chubbs, was the best thing that ever happened to me. In such a short time not only have I overcome my lifetime fear of dogs but absolutely adore him. Since bringing Chubbs home in October 2009 we had a new baby in November 2009 and Chubbs is amazing with her they roam around together, cuddle and he sleeps underneath her crib when she is sleeping. Imagine that all in a matter of months I would have never thought that I could enjoy having a pet as much as I do.Thank you so much for being so supportive and taking great care of Chubbs when he was with you. Once again, on behalf of our family we would like to extend our deepest gratitude for all your patience and time.  
    Crystal, Carlyle, Jalyn, Charli and Chubbs
    Crystal Walsh, Markham, ON